The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) in February 2022 analyzed the top 5 trends shaping robotics and automation around the globe.

1 trend: Industries that are relatively new to automation are rapidly adopting robots.
Such industries are represented by logistics, construction, agriculture.

2 trend: Robots easier to use
Implementing robots can be a complex task, but new generations of robots are easier to use with focus on complete ecosystems.

3 trend: Robots and Humans up-skilling
Thanks to robotics development more and more attention is paid to basic robot and automation education at an early stage for the next generation.

4 trend: Robots secure production
Automation and robotics help businesses get back to business after the pandemic – there is a recorded growth in robot and automation orders.

5 trend: Robots support digital automation
With a robot’s ability to share tasks and learn through AI, companies can also adopt intelligent automation more easily in new environments.
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